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Overall, you have two options : you can choose either to prepare for the competition alone , or to seek the support of a preparation organization . You can then train at home unless you opt for a so-called “face-to-face” training: the candidates for the competitions are then grouped in classes and attend courses given by teachers and professionals from this official source. Your choice will obviously depend on the level of competition you wish to take, the types of training that are close to where you live, your financial means and your personal situation (student, employed or unemployed). There is no obligation to register with an organization specializing in preparation for competitions. As soon as you have the level required to take the tests, you can participate freely. This does not mean that on D-Day, you can show up with your hands in your pockets. Unless you are a beast of competition, a graduate of Normal, Polytechnic and holder of an MBA and strongly believe in its lucky star, public service competitions do not suffer from improvisation! A minimum of preparation is therefore elementary and wise. It’s up to you to see which framework is best suited to your case.

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